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Bitcoin will eye 23,700 within a few weeks and 37,000 in 140 days regardless of what the “experts” say !

 Too much doubting and too much guessing coupled with too much negativity by the “super experts” will keep the normal folk always on the wrong side of the trade.

Why is Bitcoin the only game in town?

If betting to win, and you can afford to lose it all, bet in a game that can be analyzed with logic. Do not risk investing in anything you can not afford to lose all, but whatever you have separated to that end, do invest in something glorious enough that offers the possibility to make majestic unbelievable returns. 

Bitcoin is the best “game” in the global town and by all means the less risky of them all. There is ZERO chance it will go to pennies and there is huge, scientific, economical data to prove it is heading to 100k by the end of 2021. 

Richard Villela American Economist / CFO AzureBlue – CSO BitBlue

Whales, Billionaires and Big Game investors have one common fear: That Bitcoin becomes such and attractive economical tool to the global masses, i.e The normal folk, that governments everywhere will start to envy its power

This easily explains the current rush by governments such as Russia and the US to either limit its reach under the false pretense of “protecting the normal folk from scams”, or generating fear mongering rules that will keep volatility to such a level normal people will be too afraid to jump in.

The bad news to them and all others on that side of the fence is that bitcoin will continue to be the only solid hedging tool in town for decades to come. Pure logic.

BTC is already the best counter fighter against the destructive government (all of them) fiat currency printing spree which is backed only by hot political air talk and empty promises of better days (never to come). 

There just is not enough tax income to pay for all this loose money printing spree. Why would the governments buy their own debt? Because nobody else is stupid enough to do it. And why would the governments buy BTC (In stealth mode)? Take a wild guess? Yes you got it : To hedge themselves against their own fundamentally wrong economical behaviour. This makes them a player to fear at all levels.

Bitcoin has become a threat and a treat. The banks do not want the masses on the treat side of things

How dare the common peasantry have access to the possibility of making so much money that by 2030 a third of the world’s poor could become well off ? 

This is unacceptable to their standards I would say but at this point very unavoidable I am afraid to say as well.

Think about it? More wealth, less poverty and less need for the bank’s money so they seem to think. Disaster to them and freedom to the normal global folks. But not quite. History shows the need for some form of banking and they obviously known that the old creepers. Additionally they are playing the BTC game as well so what is really going on? Why all the decoying trying to derail Nakamoto’s creation?

The reason Bitcoin will never fail is a very simple one

Nakamoto’s creation is undeterred against any kind of assault. Better yet, it smiles as it adjusts itself within itself. How you may ask?

Satoshi’s trojan horse inside the morality of his blockchain code was the built in failsafe formula of the “reversal of fortunes”. He was indeed a very clever fellow. Plenty of analysts have never considered this side of the coin so to speak. But it surely exists.

He knew that manipulatory news (fake news et all) and coin dumping could have real price impact (but not value impact ) for he also foresaw that when these actions are applied to a solid state biological and logical problem with no mathematical flaws its effects are to be temporary.

Eventually as time and behavioural bitcoin results have proven over and over again in the past, any manipulatory attempts will surely fail. That includes but it is not limited to government restrictions and regulations. Yes, the becomes

Bitcoin is above and beyond any country’s regulatory attempt to subdue it. If Darwinism has proven anything is that a true alive entity will fight to survive to its dying breath and bitcoin is a formidable and powerful fire spitting flying dragon reoresenting the new freedom of millions of good people. Perhaps even billions of people eventually.

Bitcoin is impossible to manipulate and unreachable to brake

In the case of Bitcoin, we can define it as a pure breed living mathematical entity with complex biological components which has been time tested millions of algorithmic times and has proven to be 100% fail proof against any breach possibility whatsoever, and thus 100% impossible to be manipulated. Ever !

The expected natural behaviour of such a true biological entity is to self preserve as it is expected to reverse its attack with twice the strength into the opposite direction straight at its enemies heart. If you do not know why I classify Bitcoin as a true biological entity you need to acquire more knowledge. Just do not use google for that.

The whales protecting their ocean patrol the bitcoin seas with feroucious audacity backed by the billionaires of the good side

It is absolutely no coincidence that whales sold off hard at the almost record high 19,200 level. This was a self protecting move against too much beauty in the eyes of “Gov the monster” and Billy Villain “The banks”. Let’s crash this party lightly before they crash it for good said the whales of the bitcoin seas. A move promptly welcomed by the unnoficial backing billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Sure there are others that actually speak out to be in favor of BTC and voice being long Satoshi’s baby. But I like to point out the true powerful quiet ones. Billionaire Numero uno and number four Bezos and Musk respectively.

Tesla had a similar run to bitcoin’s 2020 just a few months back and surely as strange as it may seem the runs are extremely similar. What do you know Mr.Musk that most of us have not yet seen? Holograms I’d suppose of long gone ghosts never really gone to say the least.

In a sense no one should point the finger at profit taking by anybody specially the cop whales of the bitcoin sea, but this exact dumping sale exactly at that crucial level was so much more than just that.

This was saving christmas from uncle scrooge and keeping things flowing for the party to continue. By making BTC look too volatile to the common “peasant”, right in front of “Gov the God” and “Greety Billy the Banks”, seemed to be the right thing to do at that exact point. If BTC had gone to 20,000 and a bit beyond, the jump in capital from the “lets go people this is it” would have pushed bitcoin well over 30,000 no doubt. And that would be too much for the bitter oppositionists to handle.

Lo and behold here would have come big eyes, big gov, big banks and all the other bitter losing nice fellas from small-gov.metoo including regulators, SEC and some feds of course.  The complete cavalry with sirens blasting and guns blazing, alas the folk full of “good intentions” screaming out loud : Hold it right there children of the coin, profits and big cash have penalties to be paid and you are most definitely not collecting 200 at the monopoly GO. How dare you choose to be an adept of this Namoto myth.

Some pointers being mentioned around town follow below. I agree with some but disagree with most. Read it and figure it out.


  • Bitcoin-related mentions in social media are far from 2017 all-time highs even though prices are close to the previous peak.
  • While institutional investors flock to the cryptocurrency industry, retail interest remains dormant.
  • A spike in demand by retail investors could lead to one of the most explosive price actions BTC has experienced to date.

Bitcoin price is now closer to its previous all-time high than ever before. However, social media mentions are way below the levels seen during the ICO mania of 2017, suggesting there is plenty of room to go up.

Billionaires flock to Bitcoin while retail investors seem uninterested

Bitcoin seems to be getting a lot more attention from institutional investors than the retail sector. The quantitative easing policies being implemented worldwide to contain the impact of the pandemic could be one of the main reasons behind this development. It appears that some of the most prominent billionaires are using BTC as a hedging asset against inflation.

Amongst these enterprise investors are the likes of Pual Tudor Jones, who compared buying Bitcoin to investing in tech stocks like Google and Apple in their early days. Mexican business magnate Ricardo Salinas Pliego also stated that 10% of his liquid portfolio is in BTC, confirming that the asset guards his wealth against erosion.

Despite the rising interest among big players, Bitcoin has yet to see the same spike in demand from retail investors. If this were to happen as it did back in late 2017, prices would likely shoot up towards new yearly highs and peak at $300,000, as explained by Citibank’s Managing Director, Tom Fitzpatrick

Santiment’s social volume index is an important metric to measure whether retail interest starts picking up. Historical data shows that spikes in Bitcoin’s volatility are always accompanied by substantial jumps in the number of BTC-related mentions on social media. 

During the peak of the 2015-2017 bull market, social engagement metrics surged to an all-time high of over 132,000. The increased levels of attention that Bitcoin was able to capture in the last few weeks of December 2017 was followed by a price dump towards $7,600. Alongside prices, social volume dropped to 83,500 as retail investors began to lose interest.

Now, a similar scenario could be about to play out. 

Bitcoin currently sits a few hundred dollars shy from its previous all-time high of $20,000, while social volume remains dormant. Such a divergence between prices and social media activity suggests that the pioneer cryptocurrency has more gas in the tank. 

The way search trends are beginning to gain traction indicates that a bullish breakout is underway.

On the cusp of a massive price jump

If Bitcoin manages to push through 2017’s all-time high of $19,900, retail investors may enter a FOMO state. Moving past this resistance barrier will increase the odds for an upswing towards the 127.2% or 200% Fibonacci retracement levels.

These potential areas of interest sit at $24,500 and $37,000, respectively.   

btc chart

What the traders say ! Do I buy this hypothesis ? No ! Divide your purchasing into key levels or you may not even get to buy the low 16,000’s !

It is worth noting that the bullish outlook will prevail as long as Bitcoin holds above the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level at $16,300. Failing to do so will result in a temporary pause of the ongoing uptrend and lead to a pullback to $13,500, which is where some of the most prominent analysts in the industry plan to “buy the dip.”

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