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Bitcoin and the C-19 connection! So do you think you really know what is going on?

A postal worker wearing a PPE mask delivers mail in a deserted Leeds city centre during the nationwide lockdown to curb COVID-19. Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images.

A postal worker wearing a PPE mask delivers mail in a deserted Leeds city centre during the nationwide lockdown to curb COVID-19.

STUDY Nov 12/20 : Bidirectional associations between COVID-19 and psychiatric disorder: retrospective studies of 62 354 COVID-19 cases in the USA


Adverse mental health consequences of COVID-19, including anxiety and depression, have been widely predicted but not yet accurately measured.

There are a range of physical health risk factors for COVID-19, but it is not known if there are also psychiatric risk factors.

  • In this electronic health record network study we used data from 69 million individuals, 62 354 of whom had a diagnosis of COVID-19
  • We assessed whether a diagnosis of COVID-19 (compared with other health events) was associated with increased rates of subsequent psychiatric diagnoses
  • We also assessed whether patients with a history of psychiatric illness are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with COVID-19.


Survivors of COVID-19 appear to be at increased risk of psychiatric sequelae, and a psychiatric diagnosis might be an independent risk factor for COVID-19. Although preliminary, our findings have implications for clinical services, and prospective studies are warranted.


If history shows anything to the clear logical mind is that history itself is no longer the sole reference to the future and must be given no more than 20% weight on mathematical logical evaluations

Those who believe in cyclical theories of history argue the terrible stock market crash of 1929 signalled the failure of markets and paved the way for a bigger state, which then led to new directions in America and in Europe, and else where are now faced with a new dillema: Cycles have changed forever.

    Fast forward to the 1970s and it was the turn of the state to overreach as big governments proved unable to resolve intractable economic and social problems.
    This paved the way for the return of the markets via Reaganism and Thatcherism and an economic consensus that even centre-left social democrats ended up accepting.

Now fast forward again to where we are today. Some contend that in years to come we will look back at the coronavirus crisis as a major corrective, because the Great Recession of 2008-2012 arrived after the markets had once again overreached and – together with the Great Lockdown – these two crises are paving the way for a much bigger and more interventionist state.



I opened this article with a study regarding PSYCHIATRIC damage pos C19 virus healing. Note the study does not say Psychological but psychiatric. If you are an Alpha in touch with reality there is no need in explaining this difference. If you do not know, check before continuing to read.


Fiscal conservatism in retreat

Although I remain broadly sceptical of cyclical theories, the sheer scale of government spending as a percentage of GDP and the mounting piles of national and global debt certainly do underline how – for now – free markets and fiscal conservatism are in retreat.

Inevitably, a new era of big government and big debt creates huge effects even if we do not see them for some time.

  • Higher taxation across the board
  • Economic pressure on the wealthy through higher taxation
  • Public pressure for greater scrutiny and transparency
  • And public expenditure cuts, are a few exemples


The populace already have and will increasingly analyse and hold accountable, and rightfully so, to the highest performance standarts, their own governments at every level:

    And Federal (including their presidents )

Governments are slow and inneficient mechanisms, which have shown due their conplex political nature, clear inability to act properly and timely in times like C19. A bit a cash to help out at the cost of the populations personal freedom is just not going to cut it this time.


This obvious path leads to a point where citizens leaders with non political affiliation worldwide, will create a global citizens virtual country, with deep strong impact in worldwide policies that will protect the global citizen without a hint of political maneuvering.

  • Real facts
  • Real news
  • Real monitoring
  • Fast acting reactions
  • Fast acting analyses
  • Fast acting defense and attack positioning

Real, fast power protected and represented by blockchain technology and non stoppable reaching power to the poor and rich alike. 


Expect the opposite to the “thank you” government attitude. The populations no longer fall for the stupidity of this feeling no matter their economical level

C19 economical help was nothing more then “the least they could do”. Forced quarantine made this whole thing a psychological nightmare governments have not evaluated correctly.

The underlying populace anger goes way beyond anything we have ever seen before in its magnitute and depth. Globally !
  • The result will be the opposite to a broader public acceptance of larger and more interventionist governments and a non willingness to experiment in state-led instruments, regardless if among younger generations with no real memory of the pre-2008 era or older generations. 


Many would like to affirm that economic liberals and free marketeers are on the back foot and, once again, will have to restate their case. Not so at all.

The underlying forces awakened by the stupidity of all global government’s actions during the last 14 months ( Yes they all knew of the C19 threat and yes there is plenty of military intelligence to prove so ) , have generated a new revolt this time globally. Its participants are of all origins and educational levels as well as economically funded and extremely focused. 

A new global revolution is coming. As a matter of fact it is already here. Recruiting is happening at a fast and furious pace and I am an observant pretty much on their side of the fence.

As an ex military intelligence officer I still get to know and hear a lot more than the normal folk.

This is a healthy, necessary, impending revolution and the global citizens of LOGICLAND or LOGILANDIA will have immense power and voting rights within this country guaranteed by non manipulating blockchain technology.

The top kind.

The technology : Blockchain

The currency : Bitcoin

Political powers no longer represent the people’s well being, wishes or overall economic security. For quite sometime now.

The so-called ‘Ratchet Effect’ means we expect after a major crisis that the size of government does not revert to pre-crisis levels.

In the aftermath of both world wars, a massive expansion of state responsibilities and spending commitments saw a larger role for the state generally accepted in wider society.

This made sense but eventually led to big inefficiencies. Political leadership is needed to know when and how to cut back the state.

Political powers however no longer represent the people’s well being, wishes or overall economic security.


Increased visibility of the working-class during coronavirus – from Amazon couriers and postal workers to tube and bus drivers – will also push us out of an era of class division and into greater ‘cross-class solidarity’ and a stronger social fabric.

Studies suggest that previous pandemics saw collective anger at low wages and poor working conditions combining with workers becoming aware of their indispensable role in the economy, and led to both wage increases and better working conditions.

The Great Lockdown will actually exacerbate divides in our society that began to sharpen a few decades ago, and were then worsened by the Great Recession.


It is clear the virus has uneven effects, both in health and economic terms. Low-income ‘precariat’ workers in the low-skilled service sector and gig economy and those with few educational qualifications are the hardest hit by the economic fallout, and are also more likely to have the underlying health conditions that magnify the physical impact of the virus itself.

  • Data suggests people from black and minority ethnic groups are more likely to die of the disease than white people. 
  • In the working age population, it is male construction workers, nurses, security guards and taxi drivers – ‘elementary workers’ – who are most likely to suffer disproportionately high death rates. 
  • In the US, research suggests more than 80 percent of the jobs affected by the crisis are held by low-income workers.
  • The wealthy and professional middle-classes insulated from the negative effects of globalization will still feel the effect of coronavirus – especially those with elderly parents. But overall they will be much better sheltered from its adverse economic effects.
  • The finding that more than seven in ten high-income Americans are able to work from home compared to just four in ten of their low-income counterparts speaks to how these different social classes are having – and will continue to have – fundamentally different experiences of this crisis.


In the short-term, our self-isolation was compulsory. But in the longer-term it will become voluntary. And then it will become an economic luxury, which also fits with the general story of pandemics in the past.

  • Because, contrary to the narrative they can be a ‘great leveller’, recent work actually finds most pandemics lead to a ‘persistent and significant increase in the net Gini measure of inequality’. 
  • Five years after a pandemic hit, it was those with fewer educational qualifications and skills who suffered the most – the very same groups that have been driving much of the political volatility we have been witnessing over the past decade.
  • Although we will not know how this crisis impacts on politics for a long while, we do know it will almost certainly fundamentally reshape the relationship between citizen and state.

The quiet global citizen revolution is on its way. We shall prevail. This is a new era. Join now.

Positive Leaders to support 

  • Elon Musk
  • Jeff Bezos

Dark leaders to contain

  • Google
  • Twitter

The list is quite large. Once finished I will publish it here.

All the best

Richard Villela – American Economist / CFO BitBlue and CSO Azure Blue

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