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Bitcoin has a new set of O.B.R’s (Organic Behavioural Rules) and they are nothing like you have ever seen before

It is breathing the breath of life. A new kind of life that is. Organically built Bitcoin has finally morphed into what it was originally designed to be: The most powerfully independent payment venue ever developed. Not counting of course the hedging power it offers institutional investment houses.

The underlying driving forces deep down its independent soul are not apparent at first but it only takes a 5 minute glaze over a one minute chart for the savvy eye to realize Bitcoin has a life of its own and only now it is showing the inherent power fueling its real take off.

If you own BTC just Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. What is coming down the pipe is a show of brilliance not even Satoshi himself could have envisioned it in its fully fledged might… And MIGHTY IT WILL BE !!!

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