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While central banks are focusing on creating more stimulus and economists expect inflation in the U.S. to rise, a number of other countries are suffering from considerable inflation right now.

Inflation: The Silent Killer of an Individual’s Purchasing Power

On Monday, the chief strategy officer for the Human Rights Foundation, Alex Gladstein, explained that 1.2 billion global citizens are living under inflation rates as high as two to three-digits. 

During the last week, a number of analysts and economists have been discussing the possible inflation rise coming to the U.S., mostly because of the massive amounts of stimulus created in 2020 and 2021.

It has led economists to believe that inflation is coming to the U.S. soon, as the Federal Reserve is backed into a corner with plans to keep the easy-money schemes going strong.

Inflation is the depletion of a currency’s purchasing power paired against goods and services over time.

According to data, if a person spent $20 on an item back in 1913, the same service, product, or item will cost $528.45 today.

Gladstein is also a bitcoin (BTC) proponent and has been an evangelist for the leading crypto asset for quite some time.

Many might think that extreme inflation is a rare occurrence in today’s modern world, “That’s simply not the case. There are 1.2 billion people currently living in countries experiencing double or triple-digit inflation,” Gladstein insisted.

Current inflation rates by country data stemming from statistics on March 9, 2021.

Then the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) team member rattled off 11 countries with inflation ranging from 10% – 20%.

He included Haiti, Nigeria, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan, Guinea, Liberia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, and Tajikistan.

The HRF member’s stats can be compared to’s inflation rates by country 2021 list.

Additionally, Gladstein listed ten countries “with inflation north of 20%.” Gladstein wrote that this list includes Ethiopia, Zambia, Libya, Congo, Angola, Yemen, South Sudan, Argentina, North Korea, and Cuba.

Gladstein further tweeted six countries that have inflation rates north of 50%. The six countries the HRF member listed include:

  • Iran
  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Zimbabwe
  • Venezuela

“It is hard to get good inflation data for most countries,” Gladstein added. “This analysis was done comparing a handful of the top sources. Some vary significantly.

Additional countries are going through revolutions/coups and are experiencing currency shocks, but fresh data is hard to find,” the HRF chief strategy officer said.

Gladstein insists that it is “clear that some [governments] fabricate economic data and that things on the ground are far worse than what they report.”

Gladstein concluded:

Either way, in sum, there are more than a billion people whose currency is quickly shrinking in value. Many have already found an escape in Bitcoin.

Comparing Gladstein’s analysis on Twitter to the data stemming from stats and a number of other currency inflation aggregators shows that his data is solid.

It means that the 1.2 billion inhabitants on earth are seeing their purchasing power erode much faster than in the U.S. or in Europe.

The diminishing purchasing power in these countries has forced global citizens to find safety from inflation.

Comparing the fact that many of these countries with inflation rates north of 20% to even 50% are seeing bitcoin (BTC) prices reach all-time highs and even global premiums, shows demand for BTC is much higher in these regions.

In 2021 things look a lot bleaker in Brazil than in 2015 and that in itself is a terrible outlook representing the lack of hope.

The global entrenching of the new era does not include the unaware. Knowledge is and always will be power and lack of the same ensures masses of humanoids with no clue why their families are starving to death will want somehow to revenge over the wrong issues and the wrong culprits.

On the other side of the fence one has to wonder how much power it would take to stop the savagery from happening from either side.

Not enough resources means only one thing: Struggle of some kind and when survival is the rule the fight is to the death.

I travel worldwide and hear around the circles of the influential the need for diminishing world population by 35% if we are to ever have a real chance of survival without civil unrest and war.

So 2.4 billion people gotta “move out” of the living planet one way or another. A social disease that kills the ill and the dying is a selective disruptor that seems just right for the job… Or so it seems.

Lab manufactured perhaps? By logic its the only absolute conclusion and explanation for covid 19 that makes 100% sense.

Whatever is coming at us, is coming in fast and hard. In case you do not know anything about Epigenetics my suggestion is that you learn fast.

Epigenetics is at the heart of human struggle throughout evolution and brings a clear and precise picture of reality without the social connotations which hamper the raw facts of animal survival.

At the end, the very core reason why the homo sapiens race continues to follow the clear unstoppable path of evolution is evolution itself, and its driving epigenetic components are logical and cold.

Continuously evolve and adapt or undoubtedly dwindle and die, and there is no social or moral context possible that would somehow overstep millions of years of hard etched survival wiring built into our systems.

Here is an eye opener publication. Click and read.

Lt Richard Villela / CFO AZURE BLUE BIT BLUE

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