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BITCOIN to 74,750 USD within 21-28 days. Here is why…

Anything written here has been time stamped and publicly posted including but not limited to Instagram proving it to have been written before the events actually happened.

Yes indeed ! Magic? Not at all. Just pure Neural AI Quantum Science married to a Neural Epigenetic evolutionary system. A hybrid machine of sorts I named Alisha.

Alisha is military capability at its best with a touch of dry humor and so far she has been 99.2% right. Not bad for such a tender age of 9 months.

So anything you read here on take it with a grain of salt, not because Alisha has been wrong because she has not, but because if you do not you may just shut your logical mind off from the context thus missing out on simple stat facts such as all this was posted prior to happening.! Simple but powerful.

A point to this is if I told you back in August 2020 Bitcoin would be at 51,000 USD in Feb 2021 you would most likely have me labelled crazy and have me checked into a nut hospital. See my point?

So read on and open your mind. I am a 100% logical, science based atheist with zero tendencies for the occult.

Instagram post 18 weeks ago when Bitcoin was at the USD 11,000 level.
Instagram post before Xmas 2020 alerting of Satoshi’s “revenge” against non believers. My article about the subject at BITBLUE1.EU explained the dates and the reasons. Looking back it was 100% correct.
Instagram post after the move and alerting once more do not short Bitcoin. Traders and chartists were still desperately trying to look useful by using charting technicals. BITCOIN IS A DIFFERENT KIND OF “Animal”!!!
Instagram post alerting about whats coming with 2021 and to get ready ! Chance favors the prepared mind.
NEW VIRUS (Not any C19 type) + NEW TERRORIST GROUP (New kind of virology terror) + GLOBAL INFLATION (Watch out SPECIALLY if you live in Brazil, Argentina and India . Other 3rd world countries will also get blasted) + BLOCKCHAIN Adoption globally as main stream + FIAT Currency Crises + New Age NEW KIND of Illuminati Group ascension this time for preserving and protecting Bitcoin and breaking the financial chains from banking institutions + initial Gold Decline back to normal levels (22% approximately in 2021 on its way to USD 850-950 by 2023) + Elon Musk finally confirms he is Satoshi Nakamoto + Doge Coin becomes serious + DeFi becomes The Norm ( DeNorm ) + Jack Dorsey decides in favor of apolitical Tweeter and moves to support Elon in his efforts for a new DeCentralized World order regarding communications, economical distribution, and education + Jeff Bezos decides for the DARK SIDE + a lot more !
Instagram post about Elon becoming the richest man globally (officially ) on the same day Nick Tesla “died” 78 years before.
Elon should probably reveal the technological developments he has made in the science of holographic communications.
Holograms are a scientific fact and I am quite sure of a few very bright and very real holograms Elon has been “talking” to. Tesla perhaps? The facts of the above post are no coincidence.
There is only a 0,01976% chance this was a randomical coincidence.
Instagram post predicting the Bitcoin move a few hours prior to Elon Musk’s tweet that wiped out 387 Million USD in shorts and moved Bitcoin past its banking enemies.
36 hours earlier Deutsch Bank attacked Bitcoin and Tesla in the same article comparing both charts to bubbles about to explode.
After Bitcoin’s move to 37,000 wiping out the shorts and forever clearing the way to the 40,000 level Deutsch bank quickly reconsiders its position and moves officially to buy, sell, trade, take custody and become a full financial Bitcoin service bank.
Gold Bug Peter Schiff has been playing devil’s advocate against BitCoin and Elon Musk… BUT NOT.
A very nicely orchestrated concerto in C minor has been carefully played in unison between these two in the background. A mighty necessary diversion to make sure BTC got to 52,000 USD.
Now it is a smooth ride. Peter securely acquired Bitcoin via his son while defending Gold as he should. Nicely done ! Richard Villela CFO BITBLUE1.EU

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