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Buy Bitcoin ! A Ferrari is still a Ferrari even at a discount

Most human beings are coward maggots. They dwell in fear, greed and reaction. I smile when I see “traders” trying to derail such a perfect logical artwork creation as Satoshi’s Bitcoin with behaviour that makes or breaks any other trading asset so they would think. 

But wait ! They are wrong ! Haha ! Bitcoin just smiles as it gently retraces by the pressure selling fear mongering bears so the smart bulls can slaughter them on the way up. And slaughtered they will be !

Bitcoin “knows” where it’s buyers of value are quietly sitting to destroy the maggots of fear and doom. 

And baam is 17,000 USD it? Looks like it. I was lucky to buy some at 16,732 as it flies right back up the 17,000 ladder. Hell I ain’t complaining. I have been long from 9,547 a few months back. If it pulls back again anything below 16,500 is a hell of a buy!

Traders would love to be able to bang bitcoin around like a cheap suit. Hell most manipulatory powers such as money printing inflation creating Covid-19 unprepared governments would. After all they do it with anything else. Why not try with BTC.

But hell ! Nakamoto’s “freakin” creation is just not such an animal even if sucker morons decide to sell bitcoin at the market as it “falls from the sky”. 

Haha, I surely hope they sell all they have so we can buy it cheaper on the smart side of town. Afterall Paypal has been buying all 900 daily newly mined BTC for about two weeks now. Supply and demand dear Alphas. Yes indeed. If Paypal was ready its CFO is smiling large just about now.

Have you ever asked yourself who the fuck are traders? Traders this, traders that, traders react to fear, traders react to good news.

Well let me tell you : Traders are nobody. Just morons sitting on desks or standing on floors adrenalin pumping, sweating coffee stinking BO reacting to anything from bees in the sky to some REPORTEDLY bad news about some possible regulations. 

But wait! So what? What bad news? This is Bitcoin fellas the only game in town for those who understand the fiasco fiat currencies are in for 2021. Inflation pumping, bloody hands waving, the monster of economical destruction is coming to town and populations not ready will pay the price. No pun intended. Or maybe a bit. BITCOIN that is!!!

If you could sense and see that behind the scenes traders are just paper pushers reacting to news which are 95% manipulated by interested parties you would start to understand why this is great news to buy Bitcoin and hopefully understand nothing really is the way it seems when it comes to money and manipulatory news.

If Mnuchin REPORTEDLY plans to regulate private wallets (which I very much doubt … and even if he did what fucking difference would it REALLY make to the flagship crypto) and smart thinking coinbase Brian Armstrong very intelligently puts that in a tweet which sends blazing guns doomsday signals to maggot traders to sell off BTC so he and buddies et all can buy it at a discount once fear mongers run to print the news…  Hell then why not do it? Cheaper BTC is still BTC. Well done Brian. The ready Alpha buyers thank you.

Who knows ? Maybe even the US Gov is hedging its bet against its own money printing inflation pumping actions with some BTC ( Do not be surprised now even if not officially advertised ). So Bitcoin at a cheaper price is always nice and so here it is. Just a hint at unconfirmed news, a smart manipulator to put it out there with the necessary fear and hurray!!! You got yourself a Ferrari for a cheaper price.

This is a very unique opportunity to pick up BTC at the “discounted sunday vegetable market fair before closing hours”.

A Ferrary on sale is still a Ferrary. Start thinking outside the box and quit following dumbass traders and the bigger assholes on the news who print anything bloody, disastrous or mega chaotic because that is what sells. There ain’t no news without sensationalism. It just does not generate excitement.

Knowledge is power. Go acquire some and do not be the sucker of the machiavellian. By the way Sherlock Holmes, if you have been doing your homework nothing is about to derail Nakamoto’s logical creation. PERIOD.

If I were you I would buy BTC anywhere at 16,500 or less and if you can not get it at that price I would go for 17,500 or even 18,300 and to me it is still a bargain. Yes ! A fucking bargain.

BTC is going to 23,700 within a few weeks. Are you long yet ? I sure the hell am and Just picked up some more at a fairly nice price.

Richard Villela CFO/CSO AzureBlue & BitBlue (Currently up 137% in profits on his own personal Bitcoin Investments)

Attention: This is my personal opinion and not some investment advice. Do your own research and acquire your knowledge. Be an Alpha!

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