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CoinsLoot Launch World’s First Crypto Loot Boxes, With 10% Free Crypto, Prizes and Staking Rewards

a decentralized crypto platform
offering a range of benefits
for gamers, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For the first
time ever, users can purchase Loot Boxes with ERC-20 tokens to
reveal a secret selection of cryptocurrencies and huge prizes, like
the Tesla model X. Anyone can buy the platform’s native LOOT
from the IEO and stake them to earn rewards on every Loot
Box transaction. The boxes use a provably fair algorithm to
guarantee safety and fair returns.

Crypto Loot Boxes

The CoinsLoot cryptocurrency Loot Boxes offer the average crypto
enthusiast a much easier way to own an instant crypto portfolio,
and spend that portfolio on real life items and services.

Each CoinsLoot crypto box has multiple cryptocurrencies inside,
a no-loss guarantee, and up to 10% free cryptocurrency

The value of each Loot Box is determined by the value of the
ERC-20 token used to open that box. But what if users buy a Bitcoin
Loot Box and don’t like the prize inside? Well the CoinsLoot Box
uses a spin mechanism that reveals the prize in the form of a card.
If users get a prize that they don’t like they will get another
spin and a chance at a different prize.

CoinsLoot Leading The Way

Loot boxes from leading mainstream gaming providers offer their
users virtual items like skins, weapons, and various other mods,
and with EA and Activision earning over a Billion dollars per
quarter each, it’s easy to see the market potential. By
comparison, CoinsLoot Boxes offer so much more, with spendable
cryptocurrency, real world prizes and bonuses in each one.

Aside from the benefit of getting a spendable currency from a
Loot Box, the transparency, guaranteed returns and prizes offered
by CoinsLoot’s provably
fair algorithm set it aside from the main players. Given the
reputation of some loot boxes on the market, perhaps this more
transparent and trustworthy approach could offer a huge benefit to
a market expected to break into the hundred billion mark in the
coming years.

Stake LOOT and Start Earning Today

One of the most pivotal aspects of CoinsLoot is LOOT staking.
Anyone can buy and stake LOOT tokens to earn a profit on every
single transaction that occurs from opened Loot boxes. The more
LOOT staked by a user, the higher returns they will see. And with
100% of the profit from the staking going to LOOT holders – What
more could be offered?

The total supply of CoinsLoot’s ERC-20 token is 100 million.
The token supplied is reserved as follows:

  • 70 million allocated to the IEO sales
  • 15 million for the team and founders
  • 10 million for influencers & advisors
  • 5 million for the bounty and airdrop

Any users who refer others will get a 10% commission from all
referrals. To further grow the LOOT community and encourage
investment, CoinsLoot will be giving anyone who spends $2,000 USD
on LOOT an additional 10% in tokens.

Right now the IEO is in the 2nd stage, which will end on
December 24th, and is being held exclusively on the CoinCasso
Exchange. 12 million LOOT is available for only $0.07 per token,
with the full break down below:

  • Stage 1 – 02/12/20 – 11/12/20 – 11,000,000
    LOOT at $0.06
  • Stage 2 – 14/12/20 – 23/12/20 – 12,000,000
    LOOT at $0.07
  • Stage 3 – 24/12/20 – 02/01/21 – 13,000,000
    LOOT at $0.08
  • Stage 4 – 03/01/21 – 31/01/21 – 14,000,000
    LOOT at $0.09
  • Stage 5 – 01/02/21 – 28/02/21 – 15,000,000
    LOOT at $0.10

Join the IEO today and
get involved in the future of LOOT boxes

Learn more about CoinsLoot –

Join the CoinsLoot IEO today, until the –

Check out the whitepaper –

Find CoinsLoot on Facebook –

Follow CoinsLoot on Instagram –

Join the CoinsLoot Community on Telegram –

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CoinsLoot Launch World’s First Crypto Loot Boxes, With 10% Free
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