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Fear not ye faithful for BTC is going to 23,700 within days now !

Just a quick reminder : DO NOT listen to the cinics of the markets. Read my review here to find out why Nakamoto’s creation is resilient against the idiots of the golden stock market era. Yes these mamoths still abound but they are a dying breed.

There is an underlying trend to BTC not immediately visible to the “naked eye”. If you are in the market looking for value, consistency and continuity BTC is your choice. If you value freedom of choice, freedom from manipulation, freedom from inflationary moves than THE COIN is your guy and you shall not fear.

Smile ye faithful for Nakamoto knew we would get here. Let not the dinossauric old farts of yestercentury be the dissenters of discord.

If you are in for the long hall I suggest you do what I did. Open two BTC accounts. In one of them put the long haul BTC positions and do not sell for any reason whatsoever. Surf the waves of the climb for no climb is without its natural up and down moves and stick to it.

On the second account if, just for the fun of it, you decide to do what I did, put the equivalent 10% of the value of your long term holdings and trade up and down the solid fractals Bitcoin volatility generates at the 30 minute and 60 minute chart levels. I do not remove profits from my trading account. The nature and reason for starting this account was to learn. It has increased its value very considerably thus I will let it ride.

Make sure your trading account has the best trading rates and execution timing or your profits will just die. Use just the normal bars (nothing fancy like candle sticks et all) and put up a fibonacci retracement tool.

Combine Fibo + Solid Fractals and perhaps some simple Elliot “Waving” for developing an overall sense of direction, and you shall be right 60-65% of the time on trades which produce larger profits.

Stop losses of course are necessary but also require strategy. The stop loss auto reverse is also a choice. Keep in mind not all stop losses are necessary profitable reversals of trends either short or long. Therefore create a system which uses looser flexible rules specially because you are value protected by your long term long positioning account.

Do you necessarily need to short term trade BitCoin’s surf waves? Absolutely not. But if you want to learn and feel the life rythym of this incredible living biological organism and eventually become part of it as it becomes part of you than my fellow Alpha friend, There is NOTHING more amazing and adrennaline pumping than to finally be organically connected to this incredible BioNeural Living Organism which I personally call THE COIN. The BitCoin that is. Welcome to my world.

Do you want to know more about my life philosophy ? Drop me a line at and write in the subject box MORE ABOUT THE COIN. I will have my assistent Arabella Pärn send you a quick summary of my personal life views.

Do not be schocked with transhumanism, Eloism, Bezoism and all the up and coming trends. Biohacking et all will also be hitting you hard. Either you are looking to go up in knowledge levels or I am not your HuckleBerry. Alpha behaviour in the forest (regardless of gender) is evolutionism at its best and it is called survival of the fittest (Nothing about physical shape).

And of course it is all free of charge. Just my opinion and that is it. I will also let you in some trading knowledge which I have acquired in the long run and hopefully this will help you better decide on the type of relationship you may want to start developing with THE COIN. Again 100% free.

I have no need for your money. Your life success story after acquiring some BAK (BitCoin Alpha Knowkedge) however I most certainly want.

Follow me on Instagram at : @x9alpha

All the best,

Richard Villela CFO and CSO Azure Blue and BitBlue

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