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SATOSHI NAKAMOTO’S Revenge is here against non believers ! Will it be XMAS or New Years?

Do not short BITCOIN. Most everyone will be celebrating festivities these next days. However, Nakamoto’s creation will be out saving the world ! AGAIN !

There were 12 times since July 2020 when I called Bitcoin’s upside moves BEFORE they happened. I started taking heavier positions with my own personal cash once ALISHA told me so. (A military grade logical thinking software program created by yours truly).

ALISHA has a mind of her own. Sometimes we disagree but that is why I created her. To be efficiently impartial.

Every one of those 12 times I told you I was buying more bitcoin for my personal account (audited) before BTC actually had a very explosive solid non retraceable upward move, and sometimes just a few hours prior to a certain upward consolidation move. Glad to let you know ALISHA was right every one of those times.

I also gave you REACHOR targets (Consolidation resting stops which naturally and flexibly float with Bitcoin’s biological breathing patterns. The oceans of Nakamoto move to their own accord.)

These REACHORS I had to calculate myself. (ALISHA kept insisting any target before 68375 USD was a mere resting stop within the next 174 days). I needed shorter term REACHORS.

The resting stop levels were correct every time. I bought as much BTC as my pockets could afford all the way from 9547 USD to 22400 and have a current average price of USD 16,621.

If you are a short term trader and you own NAKRON (The automated BTC trading AI Neural Software by V€-X Bio-Military Labs to ride BTC ELLO-WAVES as it corners and antecipates PERF Fractals (Pivotal Energy Releasing Fractals), riding long and short waves can be very profitable.

It automatically goes LONG & SHORT staying in the BITCOIN oceans 100% of the time. IT ROCKS. But even then you should indeed have a separate long term account for buying and HOLDING BTC. By that I mean Buy, Hold and Freeze ! BITCOIN is not for short selling unless you are riding short waves up and down.

If you do decide to go short ANY OTHER way you will certainly feel an economical sting up your ass. Short selling Nakamoto’s Creation is idiotic since buying and selling huge volumes based on news will prove bitterly inedequate. Bitcoin is just nor that kind of beast.

Someone as the Gold kisser-in-chief from EuroPacific Peter Schiff would deserve to feel that bitter sting, BUT I suspect all that BTC fake nutty talk (dummy he ain’t at all) proves Schiffy Boy has been long Bitcoin for quite a while now. Why would he not? Zero reasons.

As a matter of fact anyone using pure logic would arrive at the same conclusion : There is indeed a 97.3% chance the gold lover Schiff has been long BTC for quite a while now.

That truth would go “nicely” along his senseless Bitcoin BS rethoric bravado. There should be a law forcing FULL disclosure to those who are in similar positions. Clarity and transparency.


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