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The Morphing of BitCoin : You “Ain’t” Seen Nothing Yet

The underlying public notion of BitCoin has changed forever as it is now finally behaving clearly as it has always been designed to do. 

BTC finally demonstrates its true face shining the magnificent esplendor of its beauty as it nails to the core a precise currency functionability unprecedented in human history. 

Bitcoin is a tremendous store of value currency which portrays zero inflation and is protected by its own country’s diplomatic sovereignty: Satoshi’s logical country that is! The complexity of its simplicity does baffle the mind.

Adding salt to the already peppery mix burning the wounds of the “almighty” analysts, who have shitted their brains out spilling ridiculous ideias of the dark bearish doom lurking in the horizon, Bitcoin continuos to disprove their negative attitude by moving higher and higher.

Just in case you are one of those who agrees with these idiots you had better get ready ! And fast ! The real move is just about to start and I promise you by sheer logic alone you have really seen nothing yet.

It used to be that math and charts seemed to work on Nakamoto’s creation. The obvious seemed clear and the direction well within the predictable.

Ironically as it turns out the joke is on the usual suspects (chartists et all ) as BTC morphs into its real character and profiling it correctly is left only to those with a powerful and extremely developed ability to logically see.

The observant mind can define the unseen but it must have a non predefined vision of what it is looking for.

As Bitcoin matures into itself Satoshi (if alive) must be cinically smiling as famous analysts try to wrongly redefine his creation with now invalid tools. How wrong they have been during the last 120 days is only surpassed by how wrong they have been during the last 30. The pullback that really never happened took unprepared minds right out of an incredibly profitable bull rally.

To the logical vision of global powerful minds such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Nakamoto’s vision was everything but unexpected. Obviously having already foreseen and acted upon the resulting factors of Bitcoin’s genesis they rest quietly awaiting its unfolding.

Bitcoin is in its essence the most powerful three prong monetary concept ever created. As central banks embrace for the inevitable inflationary catastrophic results of having printed so much “covid-19 relief money” they absolutely and obviously silently have acted upon Bitcoin’s perfect operational design to reap profits from this chaos while the foolish chartists keep saying “this must be the top”. Indeed this has been the top since 9,457 USD. What a paranoid bunch.

If you qualify as one of these illogical clowns described on this article I suggest you go learn some military logic for you have no ideia of the yet untold story regarding the quiet tsunami of “institutional” investment capital that is about to hit the BTC market.

All the best,

  • Richard Villela
    • American Economist & BioHacker
    • CFO BitBlue
    • CSO NeuraBlue
    • CEO MedBlue
    • Up 137% in profitable BitCoin purchases for his own account in the last 120 days

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