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Vision requires an unblocked mind : Hack your brain before anything else…

An unblocked mind is the key to an open vision of reality as is. Parametrization of thinking prevents the true spirit of disruptiveness.

To powerfully create anything within the realm of disruption it is necessary to unblock barriers of conceptualization.

True Scientific Medical Biohacking (Nothing spiritual here – I am an atheist ) is currently the only way to accelerate this process. Do not let the medical part scare you. It is stated here to emphasize the importance and methodologies required to implement a system of outstanding quality control.

This endeavor requires consistent, diligent, disciplined research with proper quality control.

Scientific Biohacking requires scientific procedures which ensure methodology and logic are properly applied to cover performance improvement as well as a very superior above average health, mind power and physical prowess.

Physicality is no longer about strength but about being FIT & ABLE to carry a healthy system thru the upcoming requirements for upgrading as we evolve as a species to the next most probable level, some version of upgraded homo sapiens or perhaps a first level Homo Cyborgensis.

High body fat percentages, inability to move around easily and consistently while carrying on daily tasks does not qualify you as a possible specimen for easy integration. Nor does a calcified pineal gland.

To be FIT & ABLE means exactly the opposite. Thus translating strength into fit and able will be able to give you clarity of understanding of the standards being applied by our Epigenetic system to prequalify who dwindles and dies or evolves and moves on.

You should better understand the POINT LEVEL of fitness required to be auto qualified by our Epigenetics of survival if you are to design your own personal strategy to be upgraded and included. Remember if you agree with me or not it is totally irrelevant.

If you are reader and knowledge seeker by now you have come across vital stats of all the covid 19 mutations and its fellas cousins as well as the very real notion that there is a trojan horse behind it all. Science is out there ladies and gent. Get to read.

Having said that GO LEARN. Knowledge is only power when of the highest quality and standards and it needs to be properly put to use.

Go acquire some extremely qualified knowledge and put it to proper use. You will be surprised at the resulting power generated back to you.

Endeavor to persevere and inspire !

A very good point to start with more learning is scientist Moran Cerf. Probably a very good man to introduce you to why you should do this.

My position is way more aggressive than his but I do not depend on show bookings or book sales to make money. I am already way well off with plenty of EuroDollars to put to work as we push the BLUE UNIVERSE to a level of expansion wherever we desire but most of all wherever we must go.

We will obviously keep on working on acquiring more economical endurance as we strive to disrupt and help the current new economical system to expand and be available to all not just a few.

That will never stop. Our inspiration on the footsteps of the great Elon Musk is a mission within the mission not only in its entirety as well as scope, as we strive to honor the “death” of my son Richie Jr. who designed incredible projects within the realm of disruption and also had Musk as his hero of childhood. We have been and will continue to implement and power up all his incredible projects as we give life to his life thru his work. That is my mission.

Moran Cerf however does make a living out of his knowledge, and a damm good one at that, and thus needs to compromise his approach to be heard by the weak sick dying breed of Sapiens (pardon my transparency as I write here how evolution acts. It has no feelings nor compassion. Performance is key at all levels).

Cerf works in the hopes of raising up possible Alphas who may be stuck within the non qualifier group of homo sapiens and will stand up and step up and “leave” the masses behind after hearing his message. He does not state that but if you listen to the dialogue it becomes clear as daylight.

He knows the percentage of Alphas is small. Cerf is a genius with a message worth listening to. Clear away all the social garbage and “mimimi” talk put out there to disguise the true hard message of a very logical Neuro scientist and you will clearly see the correct context of his approach.

Thus by logical conclusion we will inevitably have a drop in population by just about 40-60% (most likely the larger number) and no one can stop this naturally occurring phenomena directed by our major survival master the ever so powerful Epigenetics of the homo sapiens race.

Moran Cerf’s message is good and clear so I suggest you do take the time to read it. You can find his interview a few paragraphs below.

My feeling is that if you have the economic ability just about right now, at this time of immense possibilities, it most likely is the very precise time to improve your biophysical power overall. Scientific Biohacking is a fact.

Do stay clear of the garbage out there by learning to recognize garbage of course. Peptides, Sirtuins, Gene hacking, Anti-Myostatin Blocker Peptides, and a whole lot of new exciting proven techniques are available and they work. And work extremely well and fast.

Biologically we do continue to evolve and obviously to eventually carry (within 3-5 years) all the augmented brain upgrades and consequently increased mental power (the ability to learn an entire 5 year university graduate course in 5 minutes) from a chip by Neura Link (Elon Musk), the biological body needs to be ready as well. And it must be fit at all levels.

On the way to the next evolved version of Homo Cyborgensis, which is the innevitable way epigenetics found to continue evolution powerfully as it has for millions of years, elimination of the weak part of the homo sapiens race is a necessity and naturally occurring phenomena.

There… I wrote it once more in the hopes those who decided to bypass the previous alert will have to deal with the notion , albeit not so attractive, that our own race eliminates its weaker kind ensuring some form of quality control.

Thus Covid 19 is nothing more than nature at work (stop pointing fingers at the Chinese thats silly and illogical) guaranteeing thru powerful epigenetics that the top part of the homo sapiens race has a world to live in. Think this is too harsh? Than you lack major knowledge of the scientific kind. I suggest you get some.

Remember your thinking only shapes your reality so it pays to align your vision with true facts. This is a “Simple” conundrum that can destroy you together with the rest of the weaker models of the homo sapiens race. Simple fact. Take it or leave it.

Evolution is and has been in full swing obviously bringing us to a point of powerful minds which can hack themselves to become more powerful.

Thus if you are not well positioned to take advantage of the next step you will undoubtedly be left behind.

Considering that powerful minds are becoming more powerful by not only acquiring knowledge directly from the web but using AI to improve that knowledge acquisition directly to our brains on the continuous quest for more knowledge and therefore better decision making and better results exponentially. Think about that for a minute: All this is happening right now as we speak. Not in the far future. This requires your decision making to take action. This is a classical case of “knowledge is power” and more power brings more knowledge.

Thus I may ask you how would you intend to compete without being at the same level at the playing field? You have no chance of course.

A clear example of how Covid 19 and its trojan horse looks for hosts which are alpha top reproductive biological material is how it uses the pineal gland calcification as a beacon if the host will be used to be fed on thus exterminating it eventually, or if if has the probable biological and psychological scenario to be one for assimilation and symbiosis. This gentlemen is epigenetic evolution at work at its highest level of evolutive protection mode.

When our great president Trump (the best ever president and he will be back) indicated against all the left media garbage that hydroxycloroquine was the way to go He knew already that decalcifying the pineal gland was the signal to the attacker to take the foot of the accelerator thus giving the other meds the chance to act.

With this approach Azithromycin and family had a shot. He (Mr. Trump) however certainly had been properly informed that after the pineal gland “check” the trojan had other tools. He tried anyway to inform as many as possible. The entire world that is. He is a good man.

Are you wondering why the brain white cerebral mass is being attacked on people who got infected? Are you intuitively concluding all these suicides starting to happen with those who survived the biological onslaught after getting infected with C19 are under attack by a pathogenic infection generating an environment to feed on the epigenetic biological memory of the fatally infected host, so it acquires abilities to handle the powerful clean fit systems of the Homo Sapiens who qualify to evolve to the next evolutionary level, as the trojan horse seeks to assimilate with only the top homo sapiens kind?

Indeed if you really want to simplify just look at evolution as a virus which forced simple biological systems billions of years ago to evolve to survive and the Epigenetic of each type and kind evolved as it could to ensure survival. Some become lions and dinosaurs. Others evolved further others less.

Others become Hominids of all types. The Homo Sapiens Epigenetic code guaranteed us the top spot of all beasts and organisms and our HGH 191aa human growth hormone is one powerful system. Thus ladies and gents our survival Epigenetic system is extremely powerful and can not be stopped. Period !

Well fellas this nice tool at work is extremely sophisticated. The unfit that somehow survive the first eliminatory wave will be tested by 3-8 different sequencial waves of dysfunctions. Our Epigenetic system is relentless, merciless and extremely efficient. It will make damm sure only the fit and “strong” will survive. Period.

There is obviously a reason why all homo sapiens with high growth hormone HGH191-AA are spared. This means the young and able. Our growth hormone is a nasty little fellow to intruders of the third kind.

So Covid 19 goes around by settling quietly on the young and able infecting and efficiently killing the biological unable and unfit. Who would say no to the hug of a sweet 6 year old little darling girl? Yes indeed if this is not elimination by weakness nothing else would be.

Keep in mind epigenetics is the force which guided our race to penalise our appendix to give up some caloric power because we needed a brain a bit bigger to get it exactly to the power machine it currently is. Thus it implemented this very key improvement within the entire homo sapiens race during thousands of years of evolution without fail.

This is a very powerful force and it is once more doing what is supposed to do to guarantee the most powerful and able share of sapiens has the proper environment to survive and thrive. And the whole thing came together with a new defy financial eco system launched by the creation of Bitcoin et all (If nothing else thank Elon Musk for Bitcoin kid you not) and a new vibrant way was guaranteed to all homo sapiens alphas out there regardless of economic status world wide. The old system has decayed. We needed this replacement. Once again organics of evolution at work.

This variation is very important as economical vitality not necessarily reflects alphas which should take on the lead to guarantee our race’s evolution.


As a kid in Tel Aviv, Israeli neuroscientist Moran Cerf hacked computer games. In his 20s, he hacked websites for banks to find holes in their cybersecurity. After earning a doctorate in neuroscience from the California Institute of Technology, he began hacking the human brain.

“I can trace everything I do now to computer games like Donkey Kong that I hacked in the 1980s,” Cerf tells ISRAEL21c.UNCOVER ISRAEL – Get the ISRAEL21c
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Now a 41-year-old associate professor of business and neuroscience at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, Cerf speaks across the globe about the brain science of dreams, free will, decision-making, learning, attention, memories and emotions.

Thanks to patients who agree to have wires implanted while they are already undergoing open brain surgery, Cerf is one of a handful of neuroscientists with a direct window into the human brain.

Understandably, he gets research requests from far and wide.

He can help marketers reach customers, managers make decisions, and entertainment executives engage viewers. He can interact with your dreams and change your thinking to overcome biases, bad habits or negative thoughts.

Neuroscientist Moran Cerf. Photo by Rubin

A storytelling champion, author, serial inventor, and consultant for the entertainment and consumer-products industries, Cerf also teaches an annual American Film Institute screenwriting class on science in films.

ISRAEL21c had a million questions for Cerf but we managed to narrow them down to 10.

I21c: How can your research benefit education?

MC: I work with a large company, SS&C, which builds investment management software. SS&C has an online Learning Institute to teach complex stuff to investment management professionals. They wanted to know how to measure if people in a course are actually learning. So they started a project with us, financed by big American banks, to understand how the brain works during learning and to help kids — as well as traders — learn how to learn.

As part of our experiment, we had kids in a class wearing a device on their head that sends feedback to the teacher on a screen about their attention. This way she knows if some of them didn’t get what she just said and she has to explain it again; or if they all got it and she can move on.

We want to find a better interface so teachers in the future could get immediate feedback on how the information landed. We might see better ways to match teachers and students, forming classrooms by brain alignment rather than by age or ability.

I21c: How can your research improve decision-making? 

MC: With our personality analysis, we can tell you if your brain makes better choices in the morning/evening, when you’re alone/with people, hungry/full, for example. And, generally, we can characterize optimal states for certain decisions.

We can do that with high fidelity, but it’s super tedious, so it’s done only in lab settings for now. Theoretically, you’d have to wear an EEG cap for five days non-stop, from boardroom to bedroom, and give us a diary of all your activities and choices you made, and which ones you are happy and unhappy with. We look at the ones you’re happy with and look at your brain state and pinpoint the conditions when you make decisions you end up liking. Once the devices become cheaper and less intrusive, this analysis could become popular.

We’ve also looked at the brain states of Silicon Valley investors when making investment choices based on a one-minute pitch. Our findings can help these investors make big decisions better.

I have spent lots of time with [renowned Israeli behavioral economist] Dan Ariely. He and a few others have mapped the biases that lead people to make mistakes, and suggested these mistakes are predictable and consistent. Neuroscience says if something is predictable there’s a root to that in your brain. By mapping your brain regions that govern those biases perhaps we can help you overcome your flaws so you can make better decisions.

I21c: Please share one example illustrating your role as a consultant to the television industry.

MC: In January 2016 I was contacted by Mark Goffman, the head writer of the CBS series “Limitless.” A large part of the premise of the series was figuring out how a magic pill works to make you think better. But they actually had no idea how the pill works. So I sat with the writers and suggested a way — still science fiction, but at least consistent and based on how the brain really works. In the end, the series was canceled before the second season where the answer would have been revealed.

I21c: How did you start inventing things and what have you invented lately? 

MC: In the year 2000, I spent six months working at Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), an Israeli company that helped companies invent ideas. This was a first push. I still have this Israeli tech mindset, so when a student has an interesting result I think how a tech company could use it.

One of my students and I patented a device that allows you to look at people’s brains and assess the level of engagement they have with content. This is already commercialized and mainly used by ad agencies, insurance companies and Hollywood. Let’s say you have a movie coming out. You can show it to people and we can see in their brain the moment they are engaged and the moment they get bored.

I21c: Did your upbringing impact your career trajectory?

MC: My mom insisted I go to an art school where I could study music and ballet. That meant I had to catch up afterward on my sciences education. But at the same time, from the age of seven, when I made my first appearance on a TV show, my unusual education informed my ability to understand how to communicate complex science ideas on a big stage. Most scientists have a hard time with that.

As a kid of the 1980s, I grew up with computers and learned English through Quest computer games. If I couldn’t figure out puzzle solutions I would mail a letter to the company in Silicon Valley and wait three weeks for a response.

I got into dialogue groups with people talking about hacking computers. They used screen names but I later found out that many of them were known hackers, including Julian Assange, who would found WikiLeaks. Being engaged with the hacking community shaped my ability to hack computers, which got me into a military intelligence unit and into my first career as a hacker. That informs much of my work as a neuroscientist. I look at problems like a hacker does.

I21c: What did your army experience teach you?

MC: All of a sudden I had more people like me to interact with, some of them smarter than me. So I guess I learned about failure. And they taught me that hacking could be a legitimate thing.

To this day I thank the army for teaching me how to meet deadlines under pressure and to sleep under any conditions. In the US, my students often think it’s impossible to meet a tight deadline. In the army you don’t have a choice — maybe you won’t sleep for four days, but the task will get done.

I21c: What would you change in your own brain if you could?

MC: I speak way too fast, and it’s hard for my students. I would love to adjust my meter. On a more noble level, I would love to be able to increase empathy and understand other people better. I would like to pick specific people to align my brain with, parents and friends, to better understand them.

I21c: You talk about the importance of surrounding ourselves with people we want to emulate. Who do you want to emulate?

MC: Comedians. There is something about comedians’ fantastic outlook on the world that observes things from different angles. And they’re really, really bright. They put themselves in the minds of others and break it down to know what causes laughter.

I21c: You have a nonprofit venture called B-Cube, which partners with companies to support neuroscience research in areas that could help both the client and greater society. Tell us about one of the projects.

MC: One company we work with is a large credit bureau in the US. Their customer-service reps sometimes spend hours explaining things to the most challenged individuals – people with low income and low credit — and those people still don’t understand how to apply some of the ways to escape the spiral of poverty.

The company wanted to use neuroscience to learn how to communicate with those people better. We can do that research for them and then apply it to a lot of domains, like medical instructions. Often, doctors give patients instructions and the information doesn’t “land.”

I21c: What do you miss about Israel?

MC: There’s an old story about a beggar who gets two coins and buys bread and a flower — bread so he can live and a flower so he has something to live for. All my friends, all my life, are in Israel and it’s almost like I’m missing the flower. If I do something remarkable in the US I want to ask my friends in Israel what they think because it doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t have your friends and family to reflect on it.

Also, there’s a sense in Israel that everything is possible. In the last 10 years in the US, I got used to rules and asking permission. I miss the anarchy a little

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